New Generation of Wire Welding and Plasma Cutting

New Generation of Wire Welding and Plasma Cutting

Shipboard welding and cutting are critical aspects of repair and maintenance programmes to ensure vessels are operational. Today, ship operators have a range of options for better and faster welding and cutting – making the right decision on which to use is hence crucial to improving operations on board.  At Wilhelmsen, our new generation of wire welding and plasma cutting technologies provide these exact solutions. 



Wire Welding

The UWW-301 TP Wire Welder inverter is a 3 phase, multi-purpose welding machine for wire welding, stick electrode welding and Lift-Arc TIG welding. It is compact and portable for maintenance and repair works used anywhere onboard.

  • wire-welding-1

    Versatile and Multi-purpose

    Performs 3 in 1 Welding Processes

  • wire-welding-2

    Fast and Efficient

    Increased travel speed and deposition efficiency

  • wire-welding-3

    Safe and Easy to Operate

    Portable and comply with maritime safety regulations

  • wire-welding-4

    Improved Productivity

    Increased process efficiency leads to less wastage and lower total welding costs



Plasma Cutting

  • plasma-cutting-1

    Wider Material Cutting Range

    Designed to cut a wide range of electrically conductive steels

  • plasma-cutting-2

    Higher Cutting Speed and Productivity

    Performs recommended cut of 20mm at cutting speed of 500mm/min and quality cut of 25mm at cutting speed of 250mm/min

  • plasma-cutting-3

    Portable and Compact

    Aluminium casing body makes it lightweight and protects it from corrosion

  • plasma-cutting-4

    Safe and Reliable

    With safety features that are in accordance with the EN 60974-1 standards.



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