Product information

EU Ecodesign Compliant Welding Machine

Supplied with:

  • Torch with 6m cable (connected directly to machine)
  • Return clamp with 6m cable and DIX25 connector
  • 4m primary cable mounted on the machine
  • Initial supply consumables kit consisting of 2 x Electrode, 2 x Tip Cutting, 1 x Cartridge and 1 x Shield Cup
  • Air regulator with filter and water separator mounted on machine

Note: Plug for the primary cable must fit the socket types used on board and is therefore not included.


  • Performs recommended cut of 20mm at cutting speed of 500mm/min and quality cut of 25mm at cutting speed of 250mm/min
  • Equipped with Intelligent Voltage Reading (IVR) function to indicate the end of life for plasma consumables and Part In Place (PIP) function to warn if plasma consumables are not correctly mounted on the torch
  • Built-in Total Protection (TP) function to protect machine against phase loss from incoming input power supply
  • Self-regulation of input supply enables cutting to occur far from the distribution panel, with extension cable of 50m from a 400V 3ph input
  • Torch with safety trigger as per CE standard and "Reset" button" to avoid accidental trigger
  • IP23 ingress protection with high resistance to dust and moisture


  • Safe and compliant for maritime and outdoor use
  • Superior reliability in tough maritime environment
  • Excellent cutting performance and versatile as it can cut a wide range of electrically conductive steels such as mild and stainless steels, castings, aluminium, titanium as well as copper alloys
  • Quality cut with lesser distortion and smaller Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ) compared to traditional oxy-fuel cutting process
  • Spare part kit available for easy repair and to minimise downtime