Product information

Unitor MS-W-203 Selfshield is a self shielding seamless flux cored welding wire designed for the welding of mild steel where superior weld metal mechanical properties are required.


  • It has all position welding capabilities, including the 3G vertical up and vertical down positions
  • Goodweldability and low spatter for excellent operator appeal
  • Slag removal is very good with minimal slag sticking


  • Large working range for carbon steel welding
  • Seamless and copper coated welding wire provide high resistance to rust and low moisture pick up
  • Low content of diffusible hydrogen level (< H8)
  • Not required shielding gas cylinder



Product name Product number AWS Diameter [mm] Invent Hazard Material (IMO/EU) classification Polarity Voltage [V] Weight [kg] Wire Speed (m/min)
CORESHIELD8 SELFSHIELD 1,6MM 11,4KG 750187 A5.20: E71T-8 1.6 NA DC - 18-24 11.3 3 - 7
MS-W-203 SELFSHIELD 722228 A5.36M: E71T11-AZ-CS3-H8 1.2 NA DC- 24 5.0 8

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)