Code of conduct

The purpose of the code is to describe our business ethics standards. It applies to all our employees and others working with or for the group.

Compliance with the law
We comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we work. We understand and adhere to the standards of business conduct relevant to our assignment, profession and position. We will not be prompted by any misguided sense of loyalty or desire for personal gain to violate applicable laws, our governing elements, policies or policy descriptions.

Fair business conduct
We conduct our business in a fair and ethical manner, promoting healthy competition and protecting the interests of our customers and other stakeholders.  

Financial offerings, gifts and entertainment 
We do not offer or accept monetary benefits or gifts to achieve business advantages which we would not otherwise be entitled to. If we receive such offerings, we question why they are made and if anything is expected in return. We ensure that all offerings of any significance are disclosed and approved by our respective manager.

Corruption and bribery 
We have a zero tolerance policy towards bribery, which is the acceptance, offering, solicitation or promise of benefits, monetary or in kind, in order to gain business advantages to which we would otherwise not be entitled. Bribery is illegal worldwide and we are committed to comply with relevant laws prohibiting bribery.     

Working environment
We behave with respect for the people with whom we work. Harassment, bullying, discrimination or other behaviour that may be perceived as threatening or degrading is not acceptable. We do not discriminate against others on the grounds of race, gender, sexual preference or any other grounds.  

Drugs and alcohol
Possession or use of any substance prohibited by law is not tolerated while on duty or representing the WW group. Consumption of alcohol in the workplace is not allowed except where it is acceptable in moderate amounts and appropriate with the circumstances, local customs and applicable laws.  

Conflicts of interest
We do not engage in activities, hold or trade in assets that involve, or might appear to involve, a conflict between our personal interests and those of the company. Such conflicts of interest could compromise our ability to make correct business decisions. In cases of doubt, we will discuss the situation with our respective manager.  

External engagement
We obtain approval from our respective manager before engaging in external business enterprises, statutory authorities or similar bodies which may have commercial relations to our company. When participating in an external activity, we will ensure that any opinions we express are in harmony with the company‚Äôs interests.  

Confidential information and insider dealing
We show great care before sharing confidential or business sensitive information with others. When appropriate we obtain a confidentiality agreement. No information that may affect the listed price of the company's shares on the stock exchange may be used to deal, or influence others to deal, in the company's shares or other company listed securities.