Product information

This product supersedes product no: 176008

The use of special lifting / transport devices for gas cylinders is required by several marine authorities.

Unitor's cylinder trolley SU-10 is specially designed for on board use when lifting or transporting
40 l and 50 l cylinders.

The cylinder is easily positioned in the trolley and locked in place with three wing screws.

The strong lightweight steel construction is fully corrosion protected by galvanizing. Large rubber wheels ensure easy transport along deck, and should it be necessary to lift up and carry the trolley with cylinder attached, there is ample holding space for 2 to 4 persons.

The trolley is tested and certified according to the International Labour Office for the testing and examination of lifting gear used in the loading and unloading of ships.

Test load 200 kg. Safe Working Load (S.W.L.) 100 kg.

Note: Unitor has also developed a trolley for two 40/50 l cylinders for use on board as a mobile equipment or for transportation of cylinders.


  • Sturdy lightweight construction fitted with rubber wheel
  • Cylinder firmly locked in place and secured
  • Tested and certified for lifting


  • Fast and easy transportation
  • Prevents accidents caused by cylinders falling over
  • Can safely be lifted