Product information

Compact design provides good access to contents, and ample room for additional spares and accessories. A selection of gas welding and brazing consumables with the gas welding and cutting accessories make it a good fit for engine room workshops.


Consumables and Gas Welding & Cuitting Tools

  • Selection of gas welding and brazing consumables for silver and bronze brazing, cast iron, aluminium, mild steel and heat resistant steels and tin soldering with Unitor welding handbook guide
  • Come with gas welding and cutting kit for all normal gas welding, brazing and cutting operations onboard with basic personal protective equipment (PPE) included


  • Sturdy, corrosion resistant construction from electro-galvanized steel plates, with final coating by powder spraying and baking, made for marine conditions
  • Shelves are zinc/yellow-chromate passivated for optimal corrosion and scratch resistance, with hardplast protection surface for nozzles and blowpipes
  • The door construction provides a stable work surface for torch assembly when open


  • Perfect fit for all AC-OX Gas Outlet Station in engine room workshop with ready to use gas welding and cutting tools
  • Easy overview and management of gas welding and brazing consumables onboard
  • Able to perform gas welding and brazing for all normal repair applications onboard

This bundle contains:


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)