Product information

The kit contains:

  • Acetylene and oxygen R-510 regulators for cylinder
  • Flashback arrestors S55
  • 10 m twin hose 1/4" with clamp 1 ear hose clamps
  • Gas ignitor
  • Welding goggles
  • Gas welding gloves
  • Heat resistant mitten
  • Unitor welding handbook for maritime welders


We recommend that the AC/OX twin hose are been checked for cracks in the outer rubber and leaks every time before you start welding; change the hose if necessary and make sure you have non-return valves attached to the shank.

For safety reasons we strongly recommend annual testing of the gas regulators and flashback arrestors, and to change gas regulators and flashback arrestors every 5 years.


  • A complete mobile gas welding workshop will consist of the AC-OX gases, a trolley for the gas cylinders, and UCT-500 Kit* with the standard gas accessories.
  • The equipment fits together and all items are in accordance with international rules and regulations for use onboard.

*UCT-500 Master Kit is recommended for the 40L gas cylinder while the UCT-500 Compact Kit is recommended for the 5L gas cylinder.


  • With one order number the necessary products of right quality is available for gas welding, brazing and cutting.

This bundle contains: