Product information

For hose lengths over 10m, it should be considered to increase the diameter of the extension hose to 3/8" ID to ensure you get sufficient gas supply.

Made with the highest safety in mind i.e.:

  • Compliant to ISO 3821 / EN 559
  • High ignition temperature synthetic rubber
  • High tensile synthetic textile filament yarn
  • Excellent ozone and weather resistant synthetic rubber


  • Swaged on swivel nut couplings both ends
  • One end fitted with no-return valve
  • Comes with 10m length to give a good work radius
  • Ends professionally swaged on so no jubilee clips that might snug and give cut injuries


  • Non return valve in one end maximizes the safety in reducing the risk for a flashback due to unintentional mixing of Acetylene and Oxygen gas
  • Prefitted and swaged on (crimped ferrules) ends, giving a uniformed and safe connection of the coupling ends reduces the risk of unintentional disconnection of the ends due to under / overtightened jubilee clips
  • No protruding bands from jubilee clips reducing risk of cut injuries, and prevents hose from snugging in working gear and clothes
  • A safer and more reliable way of securing your hose ends