Product information

The Unitor Solar Booster electric version can optionally be delivered with 36 kW or 54 kW heating element on special request.


  • Small and compact -- easy fixed to the deck
  • Stainless steel frame and robust cabinet -- ensures long life span and protects the pump from damage
  • Inlet water temp 85ยบ C -- ideal for use with pre-heated water in order to reduce the power needed to heat the water to the required temperature
  • 4 ceramic piston pump -- unit designed using long life pumps for intense applications over 8 hours per day
  • Lowered pressure output -- units run on 160 bar only, although the pump is capable of delivering 190 bar, in order to lower the service requirements and wear and tear
  • 1400 RPM motor -- slow running motor gives longer working life in high intensity uses
  • Built in water tank with heaters -- ensures constant and trouble free heating and constant water supply to the pump
  • Electric water heating -- unit is pollution free and can be set up almost anywhere
  • 1x18 kW heating coils in standard model -- can be extended up to 54 kW with 3x18 kW if required


  • Environmentally friendly, pollution free
  • Highly portable unit can be set up almost anywhere
  • Long lifespan