Product information

This product supersedes product no: 778161

Twin pump stationary cold water unit for medium and heavy cleaning applications in maritime use.

The Unitor duo booster is a 2-pump model for heavy cleaning applications with 1 or 2 users at same time. The stainless steel design ensures that hygiene is optimal, with reduced risk of corrosion.


  • Small and compact -- easily to fix to the bulkhead or deck
  • Inlet water temp 70° C -- ideal for use with pre-heated water in order to obtain an increased cleaning effect
  • 4 ceramic piston pump -- long life pumps for intense applications over 8 hours per day
  • With the right equipment, one single user can obtain the output of both pumps for heavy flushing and rinsing applications


  • 2 pump system (2P) with electronic control -- enables selection of one or two users simultaneously
  • Stainless steel design for added hygiene and protection against corrosion
  • High level of serviceability
  • Supplied with water break tank -- ensures trouble free water supply