Sustainability report 2017


A message from our group CEO

With big internal changes and many exciting sustainability initiatives happening around the world, never have we seen so many great opportunities to raise our bar and become an even more active player in making the world a better place.

About our Report

The content of this report is defined by a materiality assessment conducted in 2016. As with everything we do, our governing elements lay the foundation and govern how we handle our business.

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Our employees

We recognise that retaining and attracting talent is key to ensure future growth and essential for delivering on our long-term strategic ambitions. In our daily operations, we continuously work to provide an engaging and safe work environment where equal opportunities are available for all.

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Health and Safety

We believe that an engaging and safe working environment at sea and on shore is a prerequisite to an efficient, sustainable and profitable business. We conduct our business with respect for human rights and labour standards, including conventions and guidelines related to the prevention of child or forced labour, minimum wage and salary, working conditions and freedom of association.

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As a global company with thousands of people spread across the world, we have an opportunity to continuously work towards reducing our environmental footprint and set a healthy standard in the maritime industry.

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At Wilhelmsen, we recognise the significant opportunities available through digitalisation and innovation to address operational challenges in a sustainable way.

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Engagement in local communities

Wilhelmsen has a continuous history and tradition for supporting academia, environmental and humanitarian organisations, research institutions, as well as culture and sporting events. These initiatives are coordinated by our local office around the globe and by the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation

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Sustainable supplier management

Our suppliers are an important part of our operation. We believe in working with our suppliers to ensure our sustainability expectations are clear and that products and services are compliant with our standards.

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Sustainability report 2016


Download the 2016 sustainability report