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  • Wilhelmsen insights |
    Exploring Ship Management Closer Look Main Image

    Exploring Ship Management: A Closer Look at the Industry

    Effective ship management navigates the ever-changing sea of regulations for safe, sustainable, and strategies for addressing seafarer shortages. Ship management is crucial for the maritime economy, encompassing human and vessel operations, as well as regulation

  • Wilhelmsen insights |
    Essential Marine Management Asset Care Main Image

    Essential Marine Management with Asset Care for Smooth Operations

    Discover how marine management and asset care can streamline maritime operations. Explore the intricate web of marine asset management with us, where safety, compliance, and operational efficiency converge. From technical prowess to crew care, dive into the essentials

  • Product | Updated

    Newbuilding Supervision

    Full project management and supervision of shipbuilding, from yard evaluation to delivery. During the ship building process there is high potential to influence the ship's quality and lifecycle cost. Our project management teams of experienced professionals

  • Product | Updated

    Dry Docking

    Professionally planned, prepared, and executed dry docking services that are both efficient and predictable. Dry-docking is one of the most important activity in a vessel's lifecycle. Every vessel is required to dry dock at least once every 5 yearsWe identify

  • Product | Updated
    GPS main picture


    Our strategic procurement team strives to deliver the highest savings to you through spend consolidation and efficiency. We are committed to protecting the environment and doing business with ethically and socially responsible suppliers. Strategic procurement

  • Product | Updated
    VA photo

    Vessel Accounting

    We leverage on data to achieve potential savings through strategic procurement, maintenance routine, dry dock preparation and optimal crewing strategy. It is our priority to deliver our defined performance level with full transparency in your vessel cost position

  • News |
    WM45 Cover

    WManager 2-2020

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management's in-house magazine In this special release of our corporate magazine WManager, we highlight our history of 45 years in serving the maritime and seafaring community. We marked a milestone this year by expanding our services to Germany

  • Wilhelmsen insights |
    Crew - with steel water bottles

    From Plastic to Steel: Consciousness is a Matter of Substance

    Together with our crew, we move towards reducing single-use plastic water bottles onboard. Choosing the reduce plastics onboard The composition of plastic makes it one of the greatest environmental and marine life threat. The International Maritime Organisation

  • News |
    WM Cover 1-2020

    WManager 1-2020

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management's in-house magazine In this special release of our corporate magazine WManager, we cover how ship management has changed to cope with COVID-19. We highlight the strengths of our people in managing operational challenges brought by

  • Wilhelmsen insights | Updated
    2020.03.04 Morning Lynn Bridge Team for Berthinh Yantai China

    Ship management during COVID-19 pandemic

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management shares proactive measures done to ensure uninterrupted operability of our fleet during the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, we have implemented the following operational adjustments to secure the well-being

  • DETECTOR NEW GS24-HFC-4000 (SAMON: 37-420 W/SEN027)

  • DETECTOR NEW GSR24-HFC-4000 (SAMON: 37-920 W/SEN027)

  • DETECTOR NEW GS230-HFC-4000 (SAMON: 37-425 W/SEN027)

  • DETECTOR NEW GS24-HFC-4000-ZM (SAMON: 37-420-ZM W/SEN027)

  • DETECTOR NEW GS230-HFC-4000-ZM (SAMON: 37-425-ZM W/SEN027)