Responsible Refrigeration​

2024 Global HFC PHASE DOWN

By 2024, 148 countries will be expected to start the HFC phase down. On top of the EU, USA, Japan, Canada, which have already started the HFC phase down, Article-5 countries such as China, Brazil, Singapore, Panama and South Africa will start the HFC phase down by implementing HFC quotas. Responsible Refrigeration is our comprehensive approach to reduce refrigeration-caused emissions on board and be well-prepared for the new regulations taking place globally.




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    Stay compliant and use re-fillable cylinders from our Global Cylinder Exchange Program

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    Avoid the risk of business disruption, penalty fines and crew injuries

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    Safety First

    Improve health & safety conditions of crew and passengers

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    Cost Saving

    Decrease maintenance and service expenses in the long run

Responsible Refrigeration

In the maritime industry, tackling fuel consumption is also often seen as the dominant solution for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In recent years, ship owners have been turning to cleaner fuels and optimising sailing routes. Responsible refrigeration is a comprehensive yet straightforward approach to decreasing refrigeration-caused emissions on board. It focuses on all the commonly overlooked areas of refrigeration by tackling direct and indirect emissions. 


Refrigerant CO2 calculator

The refrigerant CO₂ calculator is developed to guide and encourage ship owners to adopt low GWP refrigerants. The calculator allows you to estimate the direct CO₂ emission you can avoid from your ship with low GWP alternatives. It is simple to use and requires only a limited amount of information from you. 

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  • Low GWP Refrigerants

    A full range of non flammable refrigerants suitable for maritime use.

  • Leak Detection and Prevention

    Our wide range of leak detection and prevention equipment from our exclusive supplier SAMON.

  • Refrigeration Recovery

    Carefully selected quality equipment designed to handle recovery from a vessel's refrigeration systems in a controlled manner.

  • Refrigerant CO2 Calculator

    A Refrigerant CO₂ calculator that allows you to estimate the direct CO₂ emission you can reduce with Low GWP alternatives.

  • Digital Manifold

    A smart and precise Digital Refrigeration Measuring Tool to help ship crew to carry out recovery or charging processes, system optimization and troubleshooting.

  • Refrigeration Equipment

    Equipment specifically developed for the maintenance and repair of marine refrigeration systems.


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