No recruitment fees

No seafarer should pay for a job

Wilhelmsen Ship Management is committed to valuing seafarers and respecting their human rights. Our processes are compliant with the International Labour Organization (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) requirements.

As a ship manager working on behalf of owners, Wilhelmsen Ship Management utilizes a network of internal and external manning agents for crew recruitment. During the recruitment process, we neither accept or ask for any payment/gift from seafarers as recruitment/placement fees or any related cost. Our manning agents are guided by our code of conduct and shall comply with the applicable national, international law and regulations relating to the recruitment practice.

We endorse the highest ethical standards and hold a strong commitment to achieving the right results the right way. Seafarers undergoing recruitment processes with our appointed manning agents may at any time file a complaint or report circumstances that suggest compliance violations at Wilhelmsen whistleblowing channel.

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