Product information

This product supersedes product no: 676932


  • The torch is rated at a full 200A welding current at 100% duty cycle. At lower duty cycles higher current may be used

The handle ensures a secure grip and reduces heat transfer to the welder's hand. A screw type gas valve opens fully at only 3/4 turn, switches the gas on and off

  • Being gas cooled, the torch has low weight and is easy to operate for repair and maintenance work in all positions
  • Unitor supplies nozzles of aluminium oxide (AL203), recognizable by the pink colour. These nozzles will stand for higher temperatures than the ordinary ceramic cups, which are recognized by a light brown color. Note that TIG gas nozzles are brittle and may break if dropped or treated carelessly
  • A remote amperage control can be fixed on the TIG torch by velcro straps in order to adjust amperage during welding



Product name Product number
TIG TORCH ACCESSORIES KIT 607810 (supersedes 510008)
TIG TORCH T-150 W.DIX 25 CONNECTOR 150000 (supersedes 607812)
TIG TORCH T-200 W.DIX 70 CONNECTOR 200000 (supersedes 676932)