Product information

A special jaw-type electrode holder is used for air carbon arc gouging. The jaws are fitted with nozzles, which direct jets of compressed air parallel with the electrode to the molten pool.

The holder is also equipped with a cut-off valve for compressed air. Compressed air supply of 400--900 L/min at a pressure of approximately 5--7 bar.

Supplied with:

  • Integrated compressed air hose/welding cable
  • Cable connector type Unitor Safety Connector
  • 30 cm air hose with quick connector 30 UPH for compressed air


  • Manual gouging with max rated 600A
  • Accept round and flat electrodes
  • Connected to welding power source i.e. UWI-500 TP single 500A or parallel 2 x 500A


  • Easy gouging and removal of metal with superior torch grip and operator feel
  • 'Plug and Play' design for torch connection used with Unitor welding inverters and compressed air quick coupler