Product information

This product supersedes product no: 175687

For use from 80-175 A, the glasses have dimension 60 x 110 mm and are manufactured in accordance with DIN standard and are CE approved. When ordering face shields, filter shade glass of correct shade should be ordered in addition to the filter shade 11 glasses which are included. The filter glasses are supplied in sets consisting of 5 safety glasses, 5 protection glasses and 5 filter shade glasses.





Directions for use

A. Safety glass (polycarbonate)

The glass is used in shields with a flip-up front frame and should be placed nearest to the eyes to protect against slag or other articles while chipping/ grinding when the flip up front is open.

B. Filter shade glass

Filters out harmful infra-red and ultra-violet rays from the welding arc, and reduces visible light to a level which is sufficient to see the welding process without straining the welder’s eyes. Filter Shade Glass should be selected based on welding process and amperage. The glasses are marked Protane Shade SO 1 DIN 0196 CE

C. Protection glass

The glass is placed in front of the filter shade glass to protect gainst spatter. The protection glass should be replaced at regular intervals.