Product information

This product supersedes product no: 619080

Proper protection is absolutely necessary to guard the welder against the danger of ultra-violet rays and bits of welding slag in the eye.

Unitor face shields for welding are made from a lightweight, robust plastic material which is unaffected by heat, cold or moisture, and both glasses and shields conform to relevant EN standards: CE approved and conforms to EN 175: 1997.

The Flipvision face shield with head band fitted with a flip-up front frame.


  • A clear safety glass is placed in the fixed frame under the flip-up frame protecting the eyes when chipping slag.
  • The flip-up front frame is fitted with a filter shade glass with shade selected according to welding current used.
  • The filter shade glass is protected against spatter by a clear protection glass fitted in front of it. Shade 11 glass is supplied as standard with the shield.


  • Protects welder when chipping slag and when grinding
  • Comfortable to use
  • Fits all head sizes
  • Provide safety and long lasting quality