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The Unitor™ HPC Stationary 3P is a flexible pump station that is capable of supplying up to 3 simultaneous operators with pressurized water for high pressure cleaning. Dependant on the amount of operators performing high pressure cleaning on board the vessel, the Unitor™ HPC Stationary detects the line pressure drop and will automatically activate the number of pumps being required.

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  • Stainless steel frame and robust cabinet ensuring that pumps and electronics are well protected
  • 3 pump system, each pump is equipped with four solid ceramic pistons
  • Smart pump control system with touch screen at front panel
  • Line pressures can be adjusted
  • As water requirement drops, pumps will stop automatically
  • Pumps operate on rotation to avoid excessive wear on single pumps
  • The lower front panel can be opened for easy access to the pumps
  • High level of serviceability, pumps and motors are quickly and easily removed


  • The pumps are installed on the frame with rubber dampers, and flexible connections to power and water
  • Smart control system detects the amount of water required by the relevant number of operators and start the required pumps automatically
  • Long life pump for intense applications
  • Efficient operation and routine maintenance
  • Up to 3 simultaneous operators