Product information

The Unitor™ HPCE Dynamis 500+™ is equipped with a high performing pump which allows a water flow rate of 21 ltr/min in combination with 500bar working pressure the cleaning effect is outstanding.

The unit comes with two water filters ensuring best pump protection. Two pressure gauges at the primary filter easily indicate the user when the filter cartridges need to be replaced. This is essential to maintain the pump interior in prime condition.

To overcome temporary shortages in water supply the Unitor™ HPCE Dynamis 500+™ has a built-in water tank that acts as a buffer.

In addition the unit is safeguarded with overflow-, thermo- and low water protection to ensure the longest product lifetime.

The stainless steel frame, and housing gives an ideal protection in the harsh marine environment. Lifting eyes enable the crew to quickly transfer the unit.

Its ultra slim design has been carefully chosen to allow easy maneuvering on narrow deck passages.

** Note: This machine can be operated from 380-440V (3-phase, 50/60 Hz)

Supplied with

  • High pressure handle with swivel
  • Lance 800mm
  • Flat nozzle
  • 10m power cord
  • 25m HP Extreme 500bar hose
  • Two spare filter elements with spanner
  • Inlet GEKA coupling


  • High performing pump 21ltr/min at 500bar working pressure
  • Built-in break tank, ultra slim design and lifting eyes
  • Stainless steel frame and housing
  • Dual water filter protection and filter clogging indication
  • Comes with safety valve
  • Tailor made for maritime use


  • Heavy duty design ensuring long lifetime
  • Removes cargo residues, grease, grime and loose paint/rust fast & efficient
  • Reliable operation with no downtime due to temporary water shortages
  • Allows easy maneuvering on board
  • User friendly and easy to maintain



Directions for use

Read and familiarize with the Instruction Manual first before operating the machine.

Pump oil type: SAE 15W40 ISO VG100 DIN 51524