‘NABCO’ Main-Engine Manoeuvring & Control Course (NABC)

This course is conducted on a “NABCO” Full Mission Main Engine Control simulator (M-800 II).
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It comprises of the Bridge and Engine Control Room consoles, the Digital Governor, a mimic Main Engine and the entire pneumatic circuit and components involved in Starting, Reversing, Stopping and Controlling the Main Engine. In view of the potential consequences of a Main Engine not starting / reversing, it is essential that all marine engineers be familiar with starting / reversing pneumatic circuits and are able to troubleshoot faults logically.

 The course is designed to achieve exactly these objectives. Besides intensive pneumatic M/E control circuit reading and practice on specially designed circuit drawings, the course includes an extensive physical troubleshooting session wherein faults which are "injected" through a specially designed panel into the starting / reversing pneumatic circuit have to be logically analysed and solved by the participants. Several other features of the Control, Safety and Governor systems are also dealt with in detail. Opening up the Governor motor to “check / replace” the carbon brushes (a common cause for trouble) is also carried out.

Salient features of later version of NABCO (NABTESCO) M-800 III are also covered.

Course Objective: The objective of the course is to:

  • Enable the participants to recognise pneumatic components and read / understand pneumatic circuits.
  • Enable engineers to operate the ‘Nabco’ control system in a correct and safe manner.
  • Enable the participants to analyse faults in the Main-engine manoeuvring system and troubleshoot them logically and efficiently.
  • Foster learning through sharing of experiences amongst participants.

 Duration: 5 days

Suggested Target Group: Management & Operational Level Engineers and Electrical Officers 

Course Contents:

  • Pneumatic component symbols and port nomenclature (ISO 5599).
  • Intensive pneumatic circuit explanation of the B&W MC type Main Engine.
  • Participants ‘draw’ the above circuit in various states of the M/E.
  • ‘NABCO’ valve panel familiarization.
  • Detailed explanation of the Bridge & ECR Control, Safety and Governor consoles.
  • Control / Safety system signal flow and Ten Key data for the same.
  • M/E operation ‘Flow Chart’ reading - for Normal Start, Crash Astern, Racing trip etc.
  • Governor actuator details - Follow-up / Non Follow-up.
  • Extensive practical troubleshooting exercises on the simulator - participants trained in techniques to analyse the fault and troubleshoot logically.
  • Outline of Governor system - various  modes of operation and governor behaviour in these modes, the speed signal limiter and fuel index limiter functions etc.
  • Familiarization with 'NABTESCO' MARK III CONTROL SYSTEM.
  • Detailed Pneumatic circuit tracing of the Sulzer RTA type Main Engine.