LNG Bunkering Simulator

With the growth in Ships using LNG fuel as bunkers, there is a need for qualified and trained officers to be incharge of the bunkering procedures.
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This 3-day training course will provide a deeper understanding of using LNG as a marine fuel, the associated bunkering operations involved, and the management of LNG bunker tanks. The course provides an introduction to LNG and its use as a marine fuel and focuses on the safety and stages of the bunkering operation, gas-fueled engines, the management of the LNG bunker tanks while in service, and emergency response actions.

As well as covering the safety-related aspects of using LNG as a source of fuel for ships, this training course will cover in detail the technical aspects of the various different solutions and what needs to be considered for the bunker transfer, storage, and handling of the LNG using the various systems.

Duration of the Course: 3 days.

Suggested Target Group: Officers and ratings involved in LNG bunkering operations.

Course Topics:

  • To develop better understanding of the hazards of LNG
  • To handle the bunkering operations in safe manner, using simulator
  • To plan and organise simultaneous operation during bunkering
  • Handling emergencies during Bunkering operations.