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    Global Cylinder Exchange Program

    Global Availability. Quality assurance. Total compliance. There’s more that goes into Unitor™ cylinders. Our Global Cylinder Exchange Program offers a wide range of gases, refrigerants and cylinders for our customers.

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    Attitude matters when safety is a personal responsibility

    Our data observations demonstrate that officers with longer tenure in the company experience fewer incidents onboard compared to newly recruited experienced officers. Giving the right support to newly recruited experienced officers is paramount to instill the right workplace attitude across the board

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    Results for the third quarter 2023

    Stable performance from the operating businesses delivered EBITDA of USD 36 million in the third quarter, with the Wilhelmsen group also benefitting from a strong contribution from associates. This resulted in a profit of USD 148 million. 

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    1600 x 900 data gov wasp

    Data governance – the backbone of successful data management

    Dave Pullin, Vice President Operations, and Data Quality Manager Jay Zhu share insights into data governance as the backbone of effective data management. They discuss the challenges the industry faces, the need for data quality standards, and how our meticulous approach to data integrity supports the customer experience.

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    Carl Naftemporiki

    Navigating the Waves of Change: A Deep Dive into Ship Management, Decarbonization, and Diversity at Wilhelmsen

    Our CEO & President, Carl Schou, believes there are great opportunities for ship managers ahead. In an interview with Naftemporiki, one of Greece business news publication, he discusses the significant challenges faced by the maritime industry today.

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    Wilhelmsen Port Services assumes 100% control of joint venture in Sweden

    Wilhelmsen Port Services assumes 100% control of joint venture in Sweden

    Wilhelmsen Port Services has achieved sole ownership of Sweden's Gothenburg Ship Agency AB, solidifying its presence in Sweden and further enhancing its global services. This strategic move follows its acquisition of Vopak Agencies, marking a significant step in expanding its offerings and commitment to serving customers in Sweden and the Baltic Sea region.

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    thyssenkrupp and Wilhelmsen collaborate on new 3D printing joint venture - Pelagus 3D

    Maritime and offshore industry spare parts will now be delivered more efficiently through new technology. Saving cost and time, the use of additive manufacturing or 3D printing brings a whole new way of ensuring operations keep up momentum and waiting times at a minimum.

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    [2738x1802] FBA article image

    How flashback arrestors keep maritime gas welding and cutting safe

    Flame or flashback arrestors used in oxy-acetylene equipment setups are a key component of safeguarding the wellbeing of personnel undertaking hot work onboard vessels and lowering the risk of damage to assets. Here we explain everything you need to know about flashbacks and help to prevent them.

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    Tanker 3

    A Legacy of Excellence Revived: Barber Ship Management's Voyage into the Future

    Reviving the "Barber" brand in the world of tanker ship management is no stroll in the park. This task now rests on the shoulders of Roine Alquist, the CEO of Barber Ship Management. He candidly shares the unvarnished truth about his journey so far.

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    Carl Schou and Peter Mackey

    Avenir LNG places LNG bunker trio with Wilhelmsen Ship Management

    Avenir LNG Limited, a global energy supplier, has entrusted Wilhelmsen Ship Management (Wilhelmsen) with the management of three LNG bunker vessels: Avenir Achievement, Avenir Ascension, and Avenir Aspiration.