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Exploring Marine Product Standards: The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Amidst the growing demand for transparency and authenticity in the product lifecycle, uncover the ecolabel's profound significance in ensuring environmental stewardship that empowers you to make conscientious and sustainable choices

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Joyce Tan, Product Marketing Manager - Cleaning Solutions

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Functioning as an instrumental guide for industry professionals, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a voluntary certification granted to products and services that meet stringent environmental and quality standards. It is a Type I Ecolabelling, in accordance with ISO 14024 and supports most of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  

Since its establishment in 1989, it strives to catalyse a shift towards eco-friendly practices among manufacturers and service providers by recognizing products and services with diminished environmental footprints compared to conventional counterparts. 

Scope of Criteria

The certification criteria encompass critical aspects such as environmental impact, resource optimization, and chemical composition. From the extraction of raw materials to production, use, and eventual disposal, the evaluation process is comprehensive. Spanning the entire life cycle of a product or service, it serves to propel manufacturers and service providers towards adopting progressive, sustainable methodologies.

Empowering Consumer Choice

At its core, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is designed to empower consumers to make environmentally conscious choices. By identifying products and services that exhibit a reduced environmental impact compared to conventional alternatives, the label serves as a guide for those seeking sustainable options.


Spotting Authenticity

As advocates for transparency and accountability, we proudly feature the Nordic Swan Ecolabel on our products.

Here are some products from of Unitor™ by Wilhelmsen with the Nordic Swan EcoLabel:

For Galley & Accommodation For Engine & Deck Cleaning
  Product No.   Product No. 
Unitor™ Easyclean™ Dishwash Liquid Manual 778864 Unitor™ Enviroclean™ 765018

Unitor™ Easyclean™ Liquid Hand Soap


Unitor™ HP Wash™ 571729
    Unitor™ Aquabreak PX™ 575613
    Unitor™ Aquatuff™ 607826

Each product bearing this label has undergone rigorous scrutiny, embodying our commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness.


The difference between EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel

While the scope of criteria for certifications like the Nordic Swan Ecolabel may overlap with those of the EU Ecolabel in some areas, they are tailored to address the specific environmental challenges and priorities of the Nordic region, reflecting its unique environmental context and values. Some key priorities for the Nordic region include:

  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Chemical Management
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production

For example, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria for cleaning products may include strict limits on the use of certain chemicals of concern, reflecting the region's focus on chemical management and human health protection. Similarly, criteria for paper products may include requirements related to sustainable forestry practices and biodiversity conservation, aligning with the region's emphasis on preserving natural ecosystems.


Join Us in Embracing Sustainability

By choosing products adorned with this certification, vessels can make a tangible impact and support shipping initiatives committed to environmental excellence. Wilhelmsen Ships Service is committed to helping our customers foster a culture of sustainability, one certified product at a time.