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    Notice of Annual General Meeting 2024

    The Annual General Meeting of Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA will be held as a digital meeting on Thursday 2 May 2024 at 10:00 hours CEST.

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    Ship Inspection Services

    Vetting Inspection: Safeguarding Maritime Operations

    Amidst this maritime hustle, the role of vetting inspection emerges as a silent guardian, a mechanism that goes beyond mere scrutiny. The compass guides potential charterers through the sea of options, helping them find the ship that sails optimally.

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    RightProc - The Right Way for your Maritime Procurement Solutions

    We understand the challenges faced by maritime companies in adapting to the evolving regulatory landscape. We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive solutions that not only ensure compliance but also drive cost savings and enhance ESG performance.

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    Massterly launches pioneering Remote Operation Centre in Horten

    Massterly, the Kongsberg and Wilhelmsen joint venture, recently announced the opening of its Remote Operation Centre (ROC) in the port city of Horten, Norway. This marks a significant step from the testing phase to being operational, and further positions Massterly as a global leader in autonomous shipping.

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    Exploring Marine Product Standards: The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

    Amidst the growing demand for transparency and authenticity in the product lifecycle, uncover the ecolabel's profound significance in ensuring environmental stewardship that empowers you to make conscientious and sustainable choices

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    Neal_Article Thumbnail 1600 x 900

    Building Tomorrow: Reflections on 2023 and Vision for 2024

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    Seatrade Cruise Global Miami Beach Convention Center Miami Beach, FL, USA

    Seatrade Cruise Global

    Wilhelmsen Port Services will be exhibiting at Seatrade Cruise Global from Tuesday, 9 April 2024: 11:00 – 18:00 (UTC/GMT -5) to Thursday, 11 April 2024: 10:00 – 15:00 (UTC/GMT -5).
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    Wilhelmsen sparks maritime innovation at Innofestival

    The maritime industry is experiencing a significant transformation, spurred by technological advancements, evolving regulations, and a growing emphasis on sustainability. In response to these changes, the Wilhelmsen group, a key player in the maritime sector, is embarking on a journey of innovation and collaboration to shape the future of the industry.

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    Results for the fourth quarter 2023

    Good performance from the operating businesses delivered an EBITDA of USD 33 million in the fourth quarter for the Wilhelmsen group. Contributions from associates were down, giving a profit of USD 80 million for the period.

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    nylon tail water absorption article

    Water absorption in polyamide tails can cause their weight to increase by 50%

    Polyamide (nylon) ropes have a higher density compared to conventional ropes made of polypropylene or polyethylene and water absorption can cause significant variations in mass. We have conducted a study to examine the extent to which larger-sized nylon ropes can increase in weight and the typical duration required for a rope to dry after being immersed in water for a 24-hour period. Here are the findings.