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Teamwork and accountability on board transform cruise critics to advocates

Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) shares the core essence of a fair and just working culture that contributes to excellent cruise ship management.

Wilhelmsen insights |
Paal Berg Lande, Fleet Manager - Cruise Segment

Managing cruise ship has transform ship managers to become a high reliability organization. Much like the key players in aviation industry, cruise ship management does complex, high stakes work where mistakes can equal great harm to safety and environment. 

Creating a fair and just culture onboard is the cornerstone to generate reliable and dependable processes with minimal and manageable errors. This culture is important to articulate a safe zone for individuals to speak freely on issues regarding their own actions or those in the environment around them. 

An important component is to create a “No blame” environment. In such environment, crew feels safe and emotionally comfortable to express their concerns and the ability to seek assistance when they feel quality of work and safety is threatened. Because of this, crew harness “I’ve got your back” attribute that makes a team strong and unified towards the common goals. Our cruise crew on Viking Sun, shares how each crew feels accountable to contribute towards excellent cruise ship management.

"You have to be approachable especially when you have 35 different nationalities on board. Frequent communication like meetings, discussions and transparency between officers and ship are very important. 

"No one wants to be blamed for anything. The most important thing when something went wrong or almost went wrong is to have an open discussion about it." 


Captain Atle Haakon Knutsen

Master, Viking Sun

"I try to be approachable and the staff is not afraid to ask me anything. I support the no blame policy and I truly believe that it exists here."  


Ola Huseby

Staff Captain, Viking Sun

"We know and understand each other very well. It's becoming like a small family. I make some quick and important decisions and I have full support on them." 


Zorko Radobuljac

Chief Electrician, Viking Sun

"The team is quite open in their opinion and respectful as well. We have a very good environment. Some days are challenging but they are really rewarding. I feel fulfilled that we have arrived from point A to point B safely and on time." 


Chris Alonzo

Navigation Officer, Viking Sun

Viking Ocean Cruises is rated top choice for small to medium ship size (400-1,199 pax) in Cruise Critic 2018  Cruiser's Choice Awards for the following categories:

  • Best Overall Cruise
  • Value
  • Cabins
  • Service
  • Dining
  • Shore Excursions
  • Public Spaces
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness & Recreation
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