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    Wilhelmsen Ships Service expands Ships Agency network in Denmark with local office

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    New shipping route between the Norwegian West Coast and Rotterdam

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    China: LNG trucks

    With the National “VI Emissions Standard (Phase 1)” coming into effect in China as of the 1st April, Chinese truck manufacturers do not seem to be slowing down with their LNG revolution!

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    China: Hunger for Cleaner Energy

    China's drive for cleaner energy has pushed for an increase in the number of LNG terminals. With the shift from coal to LNG use, China has experienced greater cost-savings.

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    LNG Spot Cargoes - A new normal

    Since 2007, the LNG trade has evolved from being traditionally delivered under long-term, fixed destination contracts to a point of where we are today, with a growing number of cargoes being sold under shorter contracts or on the spot market.

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    FSRUs: Not a passing phase anymore!

    As the demand for LNG gains momentum and countries with the appropriate environment are pressured in the right way to deliver their promise of cleaner energy, using FSRUs is the next step forward.

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    Wilhelmsen Ships Agency Takes 5

    Hearing Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (QHSSE) standards mentioned in the same breath as ships agency will probably be a first for many people. However, QHSSE has rapidly become a must-have for any serious global agency operator. Tailoring the TAKE 5 QHSSE initiative currently in use within the mining, aviation and marine industries, to the agency business, Jodie Reibel, QHSSE Director, Ships Agency, talks us through the new global initiative.

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    Shipping 2030 Asia: The Innovation Imperative

    Speaking on "The Innovation Imperative" panel at Shipping 2030 Asia, Marius Johansen - VP Business Solutions & Marketing at Wilhelmsen Ships Agency, provides his insights from Wilhelmsen’s drone delivery project and shares some of the lessons learnt in navigating regulations while innovating new business solutions for ships agency. Here are the key highlights from the panel discussion.

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    Trade Wars, US –vs- China: What does it mean for LNG

    With China’s imposition of a 10% tariff on U.S. LNG, the move is now a major setback for the growing energy relationship that was on track to become a boom for both economies.

  • Wilhelmsen insights | Updated
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    [VIDEO] Ask Marius Anything: Agency by Air

    Marius Johansen responds to your ‘Agency by Air’ questions on social media in this AMA (Ask Marius Anything) video and provides the latest updates about our shore-to-ship drone delivery project.

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