Responsible Refrigeration​

Responsible Refrigeration

In the shipping industry, tackling fuel consumption is also often seen as the dominant solution for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In recent years, ship owners have been turning to cleaner fuels and optimising sailing routes. Responsible refrigeration is a comprehensive yet straightforward approach to decreasing refrigeration-caused emissions on board. It focuses on all the commonly overlooked areas of refrigeration by tackling direct and indirect emissions. 



A new generation of low GWP refrigerant solutions

  • new_environmentally friendly

    Environmentally Friendly

    Reduce contribution to global warming and climate change

  • new_less liability

    Less Liability

    Lower risk of business disruption, penalty fines and imprisonment

  • new_safe

    Safety First

    Improve health & safety conditions of crew and passengers

  • new_cost savings

    Cost Saving

    Decrease maintenance and service expenses in the long run





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