Enabling compliance: 2020 and Beyond

The maritime industry is governed by regulations centered around environmental protection and safety. Here's all you need to know about regulations taking effect from 2020 and beyond.

To better prepare for compliance in 2020 and beyond, equipping yourself with the maritime essentials you need is the first step. We highlight specific, targeted solutions from our comprehensive marine products portfolio to help you take complexity out of compliance.

OCIMF Regulations

Environmental Regulations

  • IMO 2020 timeline infographic vessel sludge free bunker tank

    IMO 2020 Global Sulphur Cap

    Preparing your bunker tanks for the fuel switchover marks the first step of the journey towards compliance. Stay ahead of the game with our Test and Treat programme and portable sulphur test kit.

  • Cover image_r22_final

    Montreal Protocol

    The deadline for the R-22 phase-out for Developed Countries is drawing near. Here's how you can better prepare your vessels for compliance with the recommended options available.

  • f-gas service ban

    EU F-gas Regulation

    The upcoming service ban on high-GWP HFCs has compelled shipowners to source for alternatives that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Find out what they are.

  • Ballast water test kits

    BWM Convention

    Controlling and managing ships' ballast water and sediments is a breeze with our full coverage of solutions to test and monitor ballast water discharge. Find out how to achieve full compliance.

Sustainability & Waste Reduction

  • Environmental Protection

    Progressing towards sustainability

    As part of our commitment to make maritime trade sustainable, we constantly make improvements to reduce our overall environmental impact. Learn about our green initiatives and what we have done so far.

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