Group CEO message


The oceans are our business and we see opportunities ahead

We operate in markets exposed to the world economic growth and general geopolitical environments. We know that our current business models are challenged by multiple factors including rapid technology development, changing customer and supplier behaviour, new competitors, and a changing workforce.

Our operating environment offers a vast number of opportunities which we intend on capturing in a sustainable way by being agile, innovative, and disrupting ourselves. We are committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and I have no doubt we can make a significant impact in our field of operations on land and at sea.

2018 was a solid and exciting year and I see some significant leaps ahead with the support of technology just around the corner. I am pleased with the continued high level of engagement amongst our employees working in this dynamic environment and the attention we place on providing safe and healthy working conditions. I am also pleased with our growing portfolio of innovations this year and partnerships that we have developed to help us take on the future. 

We enable sustainable global trade and thrive on the opportunities in front of us.

Thomas Wilhelmsen
Group CEO