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    Engine Room Simulator Course - Operational Level

    The “ERSO” Engine Room Simulator Operational level course is approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India and is being conducted on Propulsion Plant Trainer (PPT2000) developed by Norcontrol, Norway. This programme is developed to impart
  • Course | Updated

    Advanced Welding Workshop for Marine Fitters

    This program is designed for Ships Fitters, Pumpmen, Repair team members and also Marine Engineers. In existing times of reduced manning on board vessels, with increasing challenges to maintain all equipment and under tight schedules, it is crucial that ship
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    ISF/ Marlins English Language Test

    Ship owners as a rule like to employ staff who are competent in English. Without doubt English is the lingua-franca of the maritime world. Though Indian officers by and large have good knowledge of the English language, we find that some of our ratings are
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    Industrial Hydraulics

    Hydraulic equipment in shore based industries is often operated / maintained by personnel who do not possess sufficient knowledge and expertise in this subject. This often results in expensive breakdowns and machinery downtime.  The course is conducted in a well-equipped
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    Bridge and engine-room resource management course Refresher

    Refresher for bridge and engine-room resource management course The maritime industry has been aware that 'Human Error' is the major factor in maritime accidents and has started appreciating the need for 'Resource Management' training for improving safety and efficiency
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    Advanced Gas and Arc Welding Programme

    This programme is designed for Fresh candidates, G.P.Ratings, ITI mechanics, repair team members and also Marine Engineers. In existing times, demand for highly skilled welders has increased especially in view of the shortage of skilled welders for industries
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    BASSnet Course

    A computer-based system for planning and reporting maintenance and performing material administration & stock purchasing. An efficient system for reporting operational deviations and experiences as well as corrective measures. BASSnet is a computer-based
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    STAR - Information & Planning System (IPS) / AMOS

    Star IPS is a computer-based system for Planning & Reporting Maintenance, and performing Material Administration & Stock Purchasing. The Star IPS covers most of the functionality needed for onboard information system, covering operations for Maintenance &
  • Course | Updated

    Ship Handling Simulator (SHS)

    Manoeuvring a ship is an art which when coupled with scientific principles leads to a complete mastery of the subject. An incorrect understanding of the various factors affecting Ship Handling can lead to serious accidents and unnecessary claims. Every ship behaves
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    Practical Deck Skills Workshop

    In present times, with minimum manning on board vessels and hectic schedules, it is vital to optimize all resources available. A skilled member of the ship's staff, as a resource, is invaluable to the smooth running of the vessel.  Therefore, his skills have

  • KLÜBERBIO RB 2-100 200 LTR

  • KLÜBERBIO GE 32-681 180 KG

  • KLÜBERBIO GE 32-681 25 KG


  • DETECTOR NEW GSR230-HFC-4000 (SAMON: 37-925 W/SEN027)

  • DETECTOR NEW GR24-HFC-4000 (SAMON: 37-620 W/SEN027)

  • DETECTOR NEW GR230-HFC-4000 (SAMON: 37-625 W/SEN027)