Product information

To avoid the damage and dangers caused by refrigerant leaks, it is extremely important to follow the recommendations below to ensure that the leak monitoring system is functioning accurately.

  1. Replace visibly damaged monitors and detectors immediately.
  2. Check and test the detectors once every 12 months with diagnostic tool DT300
  • Required by Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems, EN378:2016.
  1. Replace sensor every 5 years
  • Under normal circumstances, the lifetime of the sensor in the detector is up to 5 years. As a preventive measure, we recommend that ship owners plan for sensor replacements when it is reaching 5 years in operation.

SAMON has developed a new sensor, SEN027 (SELF SENSE) that can be fitted in existing installations where SEN004 is used. The main feature of SEN027 (SELF SENSE) is its built-in filter that makes the sensor much more resistant against false alarms caused by dust, dirt, liquids, and aerosols. The change can be performed without any change in alarm settings, and calibration is recommended with DT300 and SM300-SELF SENSE sensor module.

  • For the replacement of a faulty sensor, ship owners may go with the same sensor in their existing system, either SEN004 or SEN027 (SELF SENSE).
  • For the 5-year sensor replacement, we recommend that ship owners use only the new sensor, SEN027 (SELF SENSE), for the entire leak monitoring system.


  • The detector is microprocessor controlled and displays the current operating status via LED's
  • Three adjustable alarm levels with relay output (230V/5A)
  • Alarm delay, selectable in four steps
  • Manual or automatic reset on alarm
  • Fail-safe function with built-in monitoring and power failure alarm
  • Built-in self-test and service function
  • Test terminal for service tools
  • Robust non corrosive PC enclosure for installation also in aggressive environments


Safety of crew members - round the clock monitoring and alarm. Alerts ship crew in case of emergency. Cost-saving - Minimise refrigerant loss and reduce operating costs. Time-saving - Product and spares can be delivered together with other marine products from WSS. Regulatory compliance - Complies with major regulatory bodies such as F-gas Regulation, EPA, Marpol Annex VI, LR ECO Class notation and ABS ES Notation. Environmentally Friendly - Enables early detection and minimise the release of harnly GHGs into the atmosphere.