STAR - Information & Planning System (IPS) / AMOS

Star IPS is a computer-based system for Planning & Reporting Maintenance, and performing Material Administration & Stock Purchasing.
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The Star IPS covers most of the functionality needed for onboard information system, covering operations for Maintenance & Material Management. Operational deviations & experiences as well as corrective measures can be reported & logged in the system. The system supports ISM certification requirements & ISO certificates.

Course Obectives:

  • To familiarize the participant with general system to enable them to work independently in their day-to-day shipboard tasks viz. viewing/updating database, generating work orders and reporting work done, generating and receiving requisition/purchase order forms & controlling stores and spare parts stock level.
  • To understand procedures for Shipboard system administration viz. performing Replication of database with an office based Star IPS & Star Central Purchasing System (CPS), back-up and restoring of database, basic utilities, etc.
  • The participant is put through various hands-on exercises reflecting all the various day-to-day shipboard tasks.

Duration: 2 days

Suggested Target Group: All Management & Operational level officers serving on board, where the system is implemented

Course Contents:

  • Star IPS Concepts & SFI Codes Familiarization.
  • Basic Elements in the Star IPS.
  • Administration of the Management & Technical Accounts - How to update / edit or create a new Management Account / Technical Account. How to connect spares/consumable items/documents etc. to Technical account.
  • Information Control - Management of the main registers in the Star IPS (Adding new information, updating/editing main registers)
  • Maintenance Module - Daily use of Star IPS to Schedule / Issue different kind of work orders, Report work done & File a work report. Concept of Round about job. Connecting counter to the technical account.
  • Planning Board in Star IPS - Features of the Planning Board, Setting of the Calendar, Planning of work, Issue & Report work orders. Printing of Work orders, Viewing / Printing of work history.
  • Purchase Module - Logging of Material Transaction, Issue of requisition/Purchase orders, Reporting of the goods received, printing of labels for materials.