Advanced Welding Workshop for Marine Fitters

This program is designed for Ships Fitters, Pumpmen, Repair team members and also Marine Engineers.
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In existing times of reduced manning on board vessels, with increasing
challenges to maintain all equipment and under tight schedules, it is crucial that ship staff be equipped with the requisite hotwork skills to be able to carry out safe, efficient and quick repair and maintenance of cracked, damaged or leaking plates and pipes.

This program is designed for Ships Fitters, Pumpmen, Repair team members and also Marine Engineers to fully acquaint them with the relevant safety precautions to be observed, the requisite knowledge of the various welding equipment and processes, proper electrode and welding parameters selection and the practical skills to efficiently execute various repair jobs on plates and pipes of various materials in various positions.

Each participant would have a welding station assigned to him for the practical sessions during the course.

The IMTC - UNITOR Welding School has been set up in collaboration with Wilhelmsen Ships Service and the courses are UNITOR approved. The faculty, expert welders and instructors in their own right, have undergone training with Wilhelmsen Ships Service welding specialists, to further enhance their abilities.

Course Objectives:Upon completion of this course, the participant will

  • Be able to recognize the dangers and observe the relevant safety precautions while performing / supervising hot work. 
  • Be able to understand the functioning of different types of welding equipments and their working principles.
  • Acquire the knowledge of correct welding electrodes and filler rod selection and parameter settings based on the material to be welded.
  • Acquire the requisite skill to make acceptable weld joints on steel and non ferrous plates and pipes with both, gas and arc welding in different positions up to 6G Level
  • Acquire the advanced skills in gas cutting techniques.
  • Acquire the skills in brazing using filler rod such as silver and bronze.
  • Acquire the skill to be able to weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, and Aluminum.
  • Familiarization with TIG and MIG Welding processes and Plasma Cutting

Course Duration: 5 days

Suggested target group: Fitters, Pumpmen, Repair team members and any other ranks as per clients requirements. Should be having welding skills up to 3G position of SMAW process.

Course contents:

  • Safety precautions in gas and arc welding.
  • Introduction to gas and arc welding equipment and accessories.
  • Introduction to gas and arc welding processes.
  • Selection, care, storage and handling of electrodes / filler rods and other hot work equipment.
  • Various welding techniques and processes.
  • Identification of various defects in welds, causes and remedies.
  • Extensive practical exercises on plates in 2G, 3G, and 4G position on Single ‘Vee’ Butt joints by SMAW.
  • Extensive hands on practical exercises in 6G position by SMAW process
  • Extensive practical exercises on pipe with doublers and flanges by SMAW process
  • Extensive hands on practical exercises in electric and gas welding / brazing of various ferrous and nonferrous metals such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.
  • Hands on practical exercises in electric arc gouging and gas cutting
  • Introduction of TIG and MIG Welding processes and Plasma Cutting