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  • [2048x1365] Hot work safety maintenance guide cover

    Hot work safety and maintenance guide

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    Welding Safety Inspection

    We offer you a yearly safety inspection survey of the welding equipment onboard. The welding safety inspection service is a confidential assessment of the safety and operational conditions of electric arc and gas equipment onboard your vessel.

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    Shielding gas article image

    Choosing the right shielding gas for your welding needs on board

    Arc welding processes commonly used by vessel crew, such as TIG and MIG/MAG welding, require the use of a shielding gas primarily to shield and protect the molten weld pool from the surrounding atmosphere. Let's examine the key factors to consider in selecting the right shielding gas for your crew's welding needs on board.

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    Safer handling of oxygen

    Welding oxygen is often considered harmless compared to acetylene or other combustible gases. However, this is not the case. Oxygen gives us life and forms around 21% of the content of the atmosphere along with nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide (CO2) and a few other trace gases. This amount is sufficient to cause metal to rust, fires to burn out of control and certain foods to sour. Multiply that by 750 to 1,000 times and you can appreciate how dangerous the environment inside a high-pressure cylinder is.

  • Snap back arrestor ropes ensure safer mooring

    In an interview with Ship & Offshore, we shared how mooring operations are a common task at ports and terminals and one of the most challenging aspects of day-to-day vessel operation. As an industry innovator, we have designed a unique proprietary system to reduce the dangerous ‘snap-back’ effect. This protects transported goods and, more importantly, the safety of personnel both on deck and on the quayside. Read more here.

  • Creating a safe and protected onboard environment wall chart

    The Unitor Easyclean range is designed to effectively clean and disinfect the galley and accommodation quarters onboard vessels. These products can be used with the Unitor Mixing stations to create your own cleaning solutions, which helps reduce the use of single-use plastics onboard. Our Unitor Gamazyme cleaners ensures that your vessel gets the complete probiotic protection for Blackwater systems, so the sewage system remains in optimal working condition.

  • Nectar - Ship side 07

    Partnering for predictability

    Against a backdrop of complex regulatory changes, our close partnership and open lines of communication helped Anglo-Eastern achieve operational excellence and deliver optimal results. In this interview, Rahul Balani, Senior Vessel Manager with Anglo-Eastern shares his forward-thinking approach for ensuring quality and reliable operations onboard vessels.

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    Acera Amundsen and Acera daGama SBA ropes officially certified by ClassNK

    We are proud to announce that after eight months, the hard work and dedication put in by the Research and Development and Quality departments in TIMM Slovakia has finally granted us the ClassNK certification for our Acera Amundsen and Acera daGama SBA ropes.

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    Disinfecting Surfaces to Create Safer Spaces

    Regular cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces cannot be understated. Yet traditional cleaning methods have only a momentary effect; germs, bacteria, and viruses can adhere to cleaned surfaces almost instantly after the cleaning treatment, resulting in the spread of diseases via frequently touched surfaces.

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    EasyClean Elementary Pack

    A clean Galley & Accommodation on board vessels is crucial in safeguarding crew’s health. Having access to the right products enables the crew to clean galley and accommodation areas efficiently and in a cost-effective manner, especially in the long run. Download this flyer for more information.



  • ACERA AMUNDSEN SBA S125 [42MM] 200m


  • SPECIAL-303N 2.5X350MM 200PCS 4,1KG

  • LH-314N 2.5X350MM 161 PCS 4.0 KG

  • GPO-302N 4.0X350MM 120 PCS 5.2 KG

  • GPO-302N 3.2X350MM 190 PCS 5.4 KG

  • GPO-302N 2.5X350MM 295 PCS 5,2KG

  • SPECIAL-303N 4.0X450MM 75 PCS 5,2KG

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