Smart Water Management in practice

Discover the importance of preventative maintenance and equipment upkeep with our Smart Water Management approach.

Boiler water and cooling systems play a crucial role in powering ships that drive global trade. Just as clean water is essential for our well-being, ships rely on treated water for seamless operations.

Water is fundamental to these systems but can cause serious problems if treatment is inadequate. If left untreated, the integrity of equipment can be compromised over time through harmful scaling, mineral deposition, corrosion, and biofouling. 

Our Smart Water Management approach rests on the four foundational pillars:

  • Product Solution (chemicals and test kits)
  • Digital Platform (Waterproof)
  • Technical advisory (Port Service Engineer)
  • Reliable Automation (dosing systems)

By combining these pillars, we provide an optimal preventive maintenance program for your vessel’s boiler and cooling water systems. Our integrated solutions offer peace of mind, freeing vessel crews and managers to focus on vital tasks and priorities. 

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