Welding Safety Inspection

We offer you a yearly safety inspection survey of the welding equipment onboard. The welding safety inspection service is a confidential assessment of the safety and operational conditions of electric arc and gas equipment onboard your vessel.

Over time, welding equipment and consumables gets worn down. If neglected they will eventually deteriorate and become a safety hazard. Avoid these safety hazards and establish safe welding practice on board by regularly conducting welding safety inspections. We can offer you a yearly safety inspection survey of the welding equipment onboard which cover the following: 

  • Electric arc welding equipment and accessories
  • Personal safety equipment
  • The condition of consumables
  • Free standing oxygen and acetylene cylinders with equipment
  • Gas distribution system, incl. outlet station 


Full confidentiality

Inspections are carried out by Port Service Engineers who conduct a thorough survey of welding equipment on board. From what we learn, we provide a confidential report identifying any areas of non-compliance and offer suggestions for improving safety.

Available Globally. At your convenience

Working through our global support network, we can arrange these inspections so that they take place at a port that suits your schedule. 

Benefits of a Welding Safety Inspection

  • Improve the welding safety environment onboard, preventing accidents to crew and vessel
  • Improve operating efficiency by having the equipment in good working order
  • Save money as accidents are expensive

It's easy to get started with Welding Safety Inspections

  1. Contact us to arrange for safety inspection of your welding equipment.
  2. Agree on vessel(s) and inform us of your sailing schedule
  3. Inform vessel(s) about the Welding Safety Inspection and to expect a Wilhelmsen Ships Service surveyor