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Pool & Spa: Water Treatment Solution

Pool and spa treatment onboard cruise vessels is indispensable. We supply the necessary tools to help you comply with the discharge requirements of the Vessel Sanitation Programme (VSP).

Pool and spa treatment onboard cruise vessels is paramount. We supply the necessary tools to help you comply with the demanding requirements of the Vessel Sanitation Programme (VSP). It is essential that your facilities are kept operational, with minimal downtime for cleaning and sanitation. You also need to be sure that you follow ecologically sound practices to limit damage to the natural environment.

The objective of pool water treatment is to keep the pool and spa water in a safe and pleasant condition for the users.

  • Keep the water free of bacteria
  • Keep the water free from growth of algae
  • Ensure the water is neither toxic nor irritating to the users
  • Prevent the formation of undesirable smells or tastes in the water
  • Prevent corrosion of the pool surroundings, its fittings and equipment
  • Prevent scale formation in the pool, filter or pipework

Control of pool and spa water

Good water circulation is important to keep water clean, healthy and to comply with the Vessel Sanitation Programme (VSP). The diagram below illustrates various operations of pools and spas, and provides you with an overview of the water treatment programme required to maintain good and clean water quality.

Pool and Spa Water Treatment Diagram 3

Control of pool and spa water and surroundings

We give you the tools needed to achieve proper pool and spa sanitation and cleanliness while maintaining compliance with the Vessel Sanitation Programme (VSP) and US Public Health (USPH) regulations. We provide the means to efficiently monitor and dose optimised chemical products and perform all mandatory and optional testing.

Improve flow rates through the filter

Every pool requires dedicated filter systems in order to maintain a satisfactory turnover rate. However, as the filters become blocked, the flow rates decrease, leading to further accumulation of pollutants in the pool.

Our solution: We supply disinfectants and cleaning chemicals for filter cartridges and filters.

Our pool and spa treatment is more than just delivering products. It is about understanding the technical, regulatory, and commercial requirements of your vessels, and the operational challenges you face every day.

Flocculation control

The main purpose of the filter is to remove particulate matter and debris from the water. However, not all materials will be trapped in the filter and may continue to circulate in the water, resulting in a cloudy appearance. To remove these materials, you must make use of flocculants.

Our solution: We supply flocculants and defoamers for pool and spa purposes.

Monitor dilution with fresh water

Disinfection and filtering alone will not eliminate all pollutants in your pool. Some of which, such as organic chloramines and by-products of the disinfection process cannot be broken down by chemical means. They can only be reduced by dilution with fresh water in carefully regulated quantities.

Our solution: We supply test kits as well as automatic monitoring and dosing equipment.

Disinfection and pH control

In order to keep pool water free from bacteria and algae growth, and to ensure that the water is not irritating or toxic, it is essential to maintain optimal disinfection and pH control. This will also prevent the water from developing unpleasant tastes or smells.

Our solution: We supply disinfectants and products to regulate pH and alkalinity levels.

More than just a chemical supplier

Our quality standards are amongst the highest in the chemical industry. Anti-pollution regulations in Norway, where our Unitorâ„¢ chemicals are manufactured, are recognised as being amongst the strictest in the world. Our global standards apply to all chemicals, including those produced in other locations. With our standardised products and our international delivery network, we are able to offer you a holistic solution globally.

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