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Understand your fuel within minutes with onboard test kits

Environmental concerns are pushing for regulations to reduce sulphur emission levels from vessels, which again drives changes to marine fuels. With that comes a new set of challenges and operational complexity. Are you in control of your fuel?

Diesel fuel will help you stay compliant in the ECA zone, but can be prone to water in oil which can lead to corrosion and even worse, bacterial growth which can result in failure of a ship’s engine and power generators.

Lower heavy fuel quality tends to be more unstable and incompatible which leads to sludge, which in fact is loss of fuel that can be burnt as good as normal fuel. 

So how do you stay in control? In just minutes, test kits allow you to understand your fuel better and minimize your operational risk:

  • Test kits can be used onboard at any time – there is no need to send samples ashore and wait for 4 – 6 days to get the lab test results
  • They are easy and safe to use. No training or special skills required
  • Take corrective action immediately to rectify a problem
  • In minutes you can prevent sludge deposits, eliminate failure of fuel handling systems and reduce costly combustion related engine damage

We have established a range of fuel test kits to help you control your fuel.

Diesel fuel test kits

  • 1600X900 Unitor Bacteria Test Kit for fuel

    Unitor™ Bacteria Test

    Product group: 663 Product number: 764493

    Unitor™ Bacteria Test detects microorganisms which grow in marine diesel fuel oil. A rapid, accurate on site test which requires no special facilities, equipment or skills, the treatment indicating results are delivered within 10 minutes. All that is required to conduct a test is a 15 mL sample of water from the tank to be tested or a 200 mL sample of fuel and water if less than 15 mL of water is available.

  • 1600X900 Easy Ship Water in Oil Test Kit

    Easy Ship Water in Oil Test Kit

    Product group: 663 Product number: 773155

    Maintain and protect equipment, whilst eliminating damage caused by water in oil. With an easy to read digital display providing instructions and water in oil test / analysis results, a five year (10,000 tests) battery life and built in memory for recording previous test results, Unitor DIGI Water in Oil Test / Analysis Kits have become a favoured test method worldwide for onsite and onboard testing.