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Dieselpower CFPP

Cold temperatures or climate pose a clear challenge of waxing of your onboard distillate fuels, thus leading to blocked fuel filters / pipelines / equipment or wax settling in fuel in tanks even at temperatures as high as 15°C.

Unitor™ DieselPower CFPP is formulated to tackle that specific challenge at this time of year. The new additive lowers down the ‘Cold Filter Plug Point’ till -25 Celsius, thus ensuring optimal flow properties of your onboard distillate fuel.

The use of our new Unitor™ DieselPower CFPP provides clear benefits like:

  • Lowers the CFPP up to -25°C
  • Prevents blockages due to waxing in fuel system
  • Additive polymers reduces wax particles size and formation
  • Prevents unscheduled stops due to loss of power
  • Maintains and improves cold flow properties
  • WASA additive prevents the settling of wax particles at the bottom of the tank
  • 24/7 support for your needs


Is your fuel on board fit for purpose?

  • ISO 8217 outlines fuel spec to -6°C for ‘Pour Point’ at which fuel becomes solid but discounts CFPP, which is where the trouble starts much earlier at temperatures as high as 15°C

Design of fuel oil system:

  • The waxing of fuel can also happen anywhere in the fuel system like filters, purifiers, piping and bunker tanks wherever temp is close to CFPP


  • Vessels may bunker diesel oil in summer season or region but end up using them in cold climate due to vessel trading pattern, high chances are the fuel is out of spec and not winter fuel leading to the above highlighted challenges


  • Leading to loss of power as waxed fuel will end up blocking fuel filters or pipelines
  • Waxing can happen at temperatures as high as 15°C
  • Unscheduled maintenance of the machinery
  • Worst case the fuel is not salvageable and new bunker for distillate fuel is required
Wax formation

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