Step by step guide for Unitor Bacteria Test Kit


Unitor Bacteria Test detects the microorganisms which grow in marine oil. It is a rapid, accurate on site test which requires no special facilities, equipment or skills. The treatment indicating results are delivered in 10 minutes using pregnancy style technology.

  • prep for sample test

    Prepare fuel sample

    Get ready to conduct the test by preparing fuel resistant gloves, a measuring / pouring cup and paper towel. Select one of three sample options...

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    Extract one of the following samples from your ship's fuel tank depending on what is available to you:

    Option 1 - Water only sample (15mL of water)

    Option 2 - Water AND Fuel sample (200 mL sample of fuel and water if less than 15 mL of water is available)

    Option 3 - Fuel only sample

     Fuel only sample

    Top Tip: Out of the three types of sample, 'Option 1 - Water only sample' is the recommended sample to use, for quicker results. 

  • Diesel fuel test kit - Step 3

    Conduct the test

    The same test process applies for all three types of sample fuel. However, if the sample being tested contains fuel, allow the blue fluid to drop out after the bottle has been shaken...

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    bacteria test process

  • Diesel fuel test kit - Step 8

    Interpret the test results

    The treatment indicating results are delivered in 10 minutes using pregnancy style technology. There are four possible outcomes of the bacteria test: Minimal, moderate, high contamination or a failed test. Here's how to interpret the test results...

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    Test paddle anatomy:

    test paddle


    test paddle interpretation


    Normal limits

    normal limits

    If the test and control line are visible in all test windows. The test line is the right line and the control line is the left line. If a test line is missing it means that there is a contamination but if a control line is missing it means a failed test. A filed test needs to be redone.

    Warning or low contamination


    If one of the test lines are missing on the right hand side of the test kit it means you have a low contamination or a warning. The test has a low and a high contamination side where the right side is the low contamination side. It then follows that the left side is the high contamination side. If one of the lines on the right hand side, low contamination, is missing you have a Warning and action needs to be taken. If you get a Warning result do the test again to confirm the result.

    High contamination: Immediate action required

    action required

    The left side of the test is the high contamination side, if one of those lines are missing you have a high contamination in your tanks and an action is requiered. If two lines on the low contamination side is missing and no line on the high contamination is missing it is still considered to be a high contamination. Make sure that all the left lines are visible as they are the control lines and if one of them is missing the test has failed and needs to be done again. If the result is a high contamination do the test again to confirm the result before any ation is taken.