A Gas Distribution System Engineered for Safety

Engineered for safety, built for performance

Maintenance and hot work onboard are indispensable to the operation and upkeep of your vessels. With an increasing focus on regulation safety and compliance, it is crucial to make the right choice for your hot work infrastructure. We understand how important this choice is, and since the inception of our first Gas Distribution System over 30 years ago, we set the standard for the maritime industry and we're doing it again.

Our system is built for maritime use with a complete range of all the safety devices you need for compliance with safety standards such as SIRE 2.0 and RISQ 3.0. With our full suite of solutions for your gas distribution needs, we are your trusted supplier of a safe, reliable and compliant Gas Distribution System that ensures performance like no other.






Safety and Compliance at the forefront

The Unitor Gas Distribution System is a complete solution for your Oxy-acetylene hot work needs. Achieve a safer hot work environment with quality components and critical safety devices in one complete solution.

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    Isolated cylinder storage and critical safety devices in place greatly reduce the risk of accident

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    Reduce movement of cylinders and interruptions to gas supply

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    Jobs are done faster with fewer consumables expended



Are you ready for RISQ 3.0 and SIRE 2.0?

With the latest SIRE 2.0 and RISQ 3.0 questionnaires spotlighting hot work safety, using a compliant system complete with safety devices and components to mitigate safety risks is key. We understand the importance of passing safety inspections and the downtime it creates to rectify any issues that are identified. The Unitor Gas Distribution System is configured for maritime use onboard, designed for safety guideline compliance and enables an efficient hot work environment. As your trusted maritime supplier, we got your back with changing regulations and guidelines and ensure you always stay up to date no matter what comes next.



A complete system engineered for maritime use

2 x 2

Key Safety Features


  • Flashback arrestors

    Built to respond to dangerous levels of pressure and temperature, the Flashback arrestor prevents a flashback from travelling upstream and reaching your cylinders, protecting your vessel and crew from accidents.

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  • T-valves with non-return valves

    Allows for connection of multiple cylinders, ensuring a more reliable gas supply and efficient workflow. The non-return valve also prevents backflow of gas into the cylinder.

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  • Closing valves

    Closing valves are a crucial component in the GDS, allowing for isolation of the gas supply in case of accidents.

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  • Primary regulators

    Outfitted with large adjustment knobs clearly colour coded for easy identification, our primary regulators are equipped with a safety valve outlet and anti-tampering measures for your safety.

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  • Secondary regulators

    The secondary regulator provides a constant flow of gas at a safe working pressure fit for various AC-OX hot work applications.

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  • High pressure hoses

    Our quality high pressure hoses are purpose-built to mitigate risk of OX-adiabatic compression and AC-decomposition.

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System installations

  • [540x540] 2 x 2 ACOX installation
    [540x540] 2 x 2 ACOX installation

    Complete gas central AC/OX installations

    Our complete installations for acetylene and oxygen cylinders at the gas central

  • [540x540] Outlet station
    [540x540] Outlet station

    Outlet station

    Our interface in the workshop for accessing the gas supply


Spare parts

  • [540x540] AC high pressure hose
    [540x540] AC high pressure hose

    High pressure components

  • [540x540] OX low pressure flashback arrestor
    [540x540] OX low pressure flashback arrestor

    Low pressure components


Discover our complete Gas Distribution System

Our complete range of parts and system configurations assure you a worry-free solution for your Hot Work needs onboard with the same quality and performance we are known for.

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