Optimize efficiency without compromise - our solutions enable you to stay compliant with regulations and keep your passengers safe and comfortable.

Cruise operators are facing costly demands for compliance with emerging safety and environmental regulations, and are improving the operational efficiency of key systems onboard.

The safety of passengers and crew onboard cruise vessels and ferries is of the highest priority, since the consequences of an accident are severe. With the industry’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, regulatory compliance is a critical factor. Additionally, with the rising cost of fuel, there is a focus on energy-saving solutions to improve operational efficiency and thereby reducing cost.

Our solutions enable you to stay compliant with regulations, keep your passengers safe and comfortable, whilst minimising your environmental footprint. With the peace of mind of tested and compliant solutions and a global support network, you can focus on your primary goal: your passengers’ safety, comfort and overall experience.

Your worldwide presence is a benefit for us as our vessels trade all over. Dealing with one office in Houston to coordinate all of our needs around the world is beneficial for us instead of having to deal with a large amount of contacts at different ports.

Crystal Cruises, Technical Purchasing Manager

Cruise Solutions

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    Pool & Spa: Water Treatment Solution

    Pool and spa treatment onboard cruise vessels is indispensable. We supply the necessary tools to help you comply with the discharge requirements of the Vessel Sanitation Programme (VSP).

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    The Acera™ range of HMPE ropes is one of the preferred choices for the largest and most technologically advanced cruise vessels on earth. Offering high breaking strength, along with reduced mooring times, the Acera range’s performance is as eyecatching as its colourful coatings.

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