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Spark by Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Wilhelmsen Ship Management has developed a customized application for ship owners to monitor their vessels’ energy efficiency.

The idea behind Spark

There are many complex energy efficiency solutions on the market, however no one which had the end-user in mind. We saw this as an opportunity to develop an intuitive application that provides key information to all layers in the organization, including the captain, but at the same time gives drill-down opportunities to identify root cause. With this as a starting point, we embarked on the development of Spark – an intuitive application which adds value to the customer.

Data at your finger tips

Since fuel is the primary driver of operational cost for vessels, we wanted to develop an application where energy efficiency is the priority. Spark gives ship owners and operators immediate access to energy efficiency data and a ranking of their fleet, and at the same time they can perform a quick analysis of the fuel consumption drivers.

Vessels produce huge amounts of operational data. This is highly complex information and it is easy to get lost in the “data jungle”. Spark identifies and visualize critical fuel related data, so key stakeholders can easily use the information to their advantage.

Gamification has been added with the ambition of encouraging healthy competition between vessels to improve their performance and get “honored” for energy efficiency. As a result everyone can see an energy efficiency ranking of all vessels in the fleet at any given time.
When drilling down to a certain element impacting the fuel consumption, the application also provides recommended actions or advice related to that particular topic.

Built for success

Spark increases transparency related to fuel consumption by giving owners, operators and captains the total fuel consumption overview in the fleet, but also insights into root causes on individual vessels through a highly user-friendly interface.

Spark serves as a driver for behavioral change when vessels are ranked within the fleet according to fuel efficiency – and this is available on everyone’s hand phones. As a captain you don’t want to be at the bottom of the list!

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