An Exceptional Maritime Training Centre

IMTC awarded Grade A1 for Maritime Training Centres

The International Maritime Training Centre (IMTC) underwent a recent inspection according to the Comprehensive Inspection Programme (CIP) guidelines of the Director General of Shipping (DGS) - DGS Order No.23 of 2014.

As a result of the inspection, IMTC has been assigned Grade A1 (Outstanding) for three years from date of issue of certificate, subject to annual inspections.

DNV-GL, a Recognised Organisation (RO) of the Director General of Shipping, carried out the audit on behalf of DGS. Inspections included the state of IMTC’s classrooms, workshops, laboratories, teaching aids, the library etc.

Course development materials and the lesson plans for the newly launched DGS-approved Electro-Technical Officers Bridging Course were thoroughly reviewed. One of the auditors attended a module in a class for Theory and Practical training. Methods to evaluate training facilities and teaching pedagogy were also reviewed.

The auditors held informal discussions with attendees on a random basis and in a later statement found the participants highly appreciative about the course they were taking.


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