Sustainability Report 2023

Wilhelmsen Ship Management's annual sustainability report presents the key aspects of our ESG progress and ambitions.
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In our 2023 sustainability report, we proudly highlight the strides we've made in key areas that matter to our people. We have exceeded all our safety KPIs demonstrating our dedication to creating an engaging and safe workplace with no harm to people. We continue to make progress to create a culture where each employee is valued for their contribution.

Our environmental initiatives have also seen substantial progress. We have established and are actively implementing concrete actions aimed at achieving our net zero emissions vision. This commitment spans across our customer operations, our own operational activities, and our entire value chain.

Central to our values is our dedication to responsible business practices. This involves nurturing a robust organizational culture and developing the competencies of our workforce. We believe that empowering our people with the right tools, knowledge, and framework is essential. It ensures that they can make the right decisions and uphold our values, even when faced with challenging situations. Our goal is to build an organization where doing the right thing is a natural response, driven by a deep-seated commitment to integrity and excellence.

Just as fingerprints are unique and essential to our identity, so too are the individual contributions of each member of our organization. Our collective efforts in safety, emissions, and ethical practices set the stage for a better tomorrow. Together, our unique fingerprints weave a tapestry of excellence, integrity, and resilience, making a meaningful impact on our industry and the world.

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