Sustainability Report 2021

Performance with Care is our operating philosophy. Delivering Performance with Care translates to being a responsible ship manager with a progressive aim to become a better corporate citizen by having the People, Environment and Trade & Customer calculated into our operations.

Message from our CEO and President

Performance with Care

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    The most important element in our company. We believe that a great workplace can build great workforce. We aim to create an environment where employees and communities thrive.

  • Environment 2021 SR


    Our focus is simple: to manage and reduce our environmental footprint. Our ambition to reduce carbon emissions and addressing wider industry and societal issues linked to climate action, marine litter and pollution.

  • Trade and customers 2021 SR

    Trade & Customer

    Doing the right things the right way is the foundation of our governing elements and culture. We ensure our sustainability expectations are clear for our customers, partners and suppliers and that products and services are compliant with our standards.


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