Being Captain

The road to becoming a ship captain is not an easy navigation. So what does it take to be a Captain then? Meet Captain Dheeraj Nagwekar.

Captain Dheeraj Nagwekar enters the room with confidence and pride. He has a lot to be happy about. He is a newly promoted Captain; a Master waiting to command his first ship.

We sat with the Captain and listened to his story of how he climbed the ranks from cadet to Captain. He spoke of his ambition, his role and the responsibilities of being a superior, a mentor, and a Master.

The journey may be long and hard, but the satisfaction is worth it. Here are a few short videos of Captain Nagwekar to motivate our seafarers. 

It is a Captain's role to share knowledge

The weight on a Captain's shoulder

What motivates Captain Dheeraj Nagwekar?

Don't give up!


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