Barber Ship Management

We are a technical ship management company located in Hamburg, Germany, owned by Wilhelmsen Ship Management and MPC Capital. Our focus is on oil, product, chemical and gas tankers. Our vision is to become the preferred ship manager, while maintaining the highest standard of customer satisfaction, and to deliver sustained growth.

  • Technical Management

    We deliver efficient vessel management within a strong workplace safety culture. Our proven track record is driven by competent people, established processes and technology.

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  • Crewing Management

    Our pool of competent seafarers are people with talent and ambitions. With a global network of manning offices and training center, we are confident that we can meet your crewing needs.

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  • OPEX Management

    Our objective is to deliver high vessel performance while maintaining an optimal OPEX. We take a proactive approach in vessel OPEX monitoring, purchasing and spend intelligence to achieve cost savings.

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  • Auxiliary Ship Services

    As a ship manager, we are specialists in asset management. We have the right expertise to assist you in your fleet development plans.

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  • Emissions Management

    Our team of technical experts are ready to assist you in reducing Green House Gas emissions by 50% in 2050. Be prepared before new regulations come into effect on 1 January 2023.

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    Barber Ship Management is located in Hamburg, Germany.

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  • Picture3

    Finally - a first for us

    Captain Lee Eun Ran is not the world’s first female captain but a significant milestone given that shipping is still a male dominated industry and has been the same for decades.

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  • 2022_03_01_wilhelmsen_0324-1 resized

    Getting our crew ready for SIRE 2.0

    The new SIRE 2.0 regime is expected to become operational soon. It is our upmost priority to ensure that our crew can transition into the new regime without overloading them with too much information as they perform their day-to-day duties.

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  • WM1-2022

    WManager 1-2022

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management's in-house magazine

  • 8a4bfb26c9594cd3a0b825fd5849e311

    In Conversation with the Chief Engineer for Yara Birkeland

    It's not every day that you get to work for something that has the title, "the world's first". So, when the chance arose, Bjørnar Flaa knew it was an opportunity of a lifetime. This is because Bjørnar would be working on the world's first fully electric and autonomous container vessel, the Yara Birkeland.

    Wilhelmsen insights |

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