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We understand the challenges faced by maritime companies in adapting to the evolving regulatory landscape. We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive solutions that not only ensure compliance but also drive cost savings and enhance ESG performance.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals are paramount in today’s dynamic maritime landscape. ESG provides a structured approach to measuring, reporting, and managing a company’s progress in these areas, contributing to a sustainable future. With the impending EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive in 2024, reporting will become mandatory for many businesses. This directive mandates companies to conduct due diligence within their supply chains, demonstrating their evaluation of ESG impacts, risk assessment, and mitigation measures.

We are witnessing growing demand from our Clients seeking enhanced transparency and support in achieving their ESG targets. Procurement is now expanding beyond traditional downstream operational procurement. We must adopt a strategic approach to marine procurement to future-proof the maritime supply ecosystem.

As a maritime industry leader, we must continuously explore ways to enhance our services and guide the industry towards sustainable practices. We are committed to optimizing our Clients’ operations and delivering exceptional value, as we
have always done.

Recognizing the evolving landscape and the increasing emphasis on procurement’s role in achieving ESG goals, we are thrilled to introduce RightProc, our new strategic procurement initiative.

RightProc provides comprehensive strategic procurement solutions tailored to the maritime and shipping sectors. Combining strategic procurement expertise with advanced data analytics, RightProc will expertly manage our upstream procurement, delivering superior value to our Clients within a robust ESG framework.

We are thrilled to empower our Clients with surpassing new benchmarks in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall operational excellence.

RightProc’s services encompass:
• Identifying cost savings opportunities through collaborative sourcing, spend consolidation, and intelligent replenishment strategies.
• Fostering stronger collaborations with suppliers and other value chain partners to influence supplier relationships and align sustainability objectives positively.
• Expanding accountability, transparency, and management throughout the supply chain.
• Providing additional assurance on critical ESG risks within the maritime supply chain, including continuous sanction screening of suppliers, enhanced human rights checks, Scope 3 greenhouse gas emission reporting, and rigorous supplier audits.

Find out how RightProc can help you adopt a strategic approach to marine procurement here >> www.rightproc.com